Honeywell Air Touch i8 42-Watt Air Purifier

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  • Rs. 29,667 - September 11, 2020
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  • Rs. 15,099 - June 13, 2020
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  • Highest Price: Rs. 29,667 - September 11, 2020
  • Lowest Price: Rs. 4,290 - August 9, 2020

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We bought this product after suffering allergies from dust as a new road is being constructed next to our house. But I don't seriously think this works as advertised. The PM 2.5 reading shown on the device jumps from 50 to 450 and again back to 40-60 range in a matter of minutes. I don't think that's possible, given that this is running indoor in the bedroom.So I decided to return the product.I am also quite displeased with Amazon's changes in return policies. While the product is clearly marked as "Returnable", they kept disputing my issue and without any justification, claimed that if the reading is changing, there must be changes in the PM level. After I insisted they agreed for replacement and then refund. I am a long standing customer, with a very little history of returns/refunds. I am also a long standing admirer of Amazon's customer support. So it was a bit of a shocker to me. Nevertheless they agreed at the end. So my irritation has gone down a bit.
Pavan - February 9, 2019
Registration on website does not work, I did not get any email on successful registration, there's no login either. As others have pointed out it is an old 2017 product. Product itself seems well built, and simple. After a day of not running, it started at PPM 60-70 and in few hours came down to 20s, so it does seem to do something bu I cannot verify the accuracy.If the registration and warranty had worked it would build confidence, without that it's a gamble. All said the product itself seems fine and easy to use. For now its a 3 star, hope it continues to work.
Chinmay - December 28, 2018
Good product. Reduced pm 2.5 from 150 to 14 in 20 minutes. I could feel the difference in the air after an hour of use. This is my second purifier, the first was Phillips and it could not clean the room even after 10 hour use. The Philips guy blamed it on kolkata pollution. Kudos to amazon for first replacing my philips air purifier and then when i was not satisfied the second time they refunded my money. I bought honeywell i8 from amazon and after 1 day , of use feel good about my new purchase, does what is promised. Thanks honeywell and amazon.
Amazon Customer - January 3, 2019

Description and Review

  • Presenting Air Touch i8 indoor air purifier with real-time PM2.5 meter by Honeywell, a Fortune 100 company
  • Versatile Coverage Area and efficiency – CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) – 300 cu m/hr, offers up to 36 Sq.m coverage area for a room with 2.74m height – suitable for use in living rooms and bedrooms
  • Measure the real-time pollution level inside your room with the PM2.5 meter onboard the purifier. No need to invest in another meter
  • Three stage advanced filtration system with combined patented HiSiv and HEPA filter that removes pollutants with more than 99% efficiency, Type of sensors: Laser
  • Washable pre-filter that removes larger dust particles, pet hair/dander, soil etc
  • Combined HiSiv and HEPA filter that removes microscopic allergens, PM2.5, pollens, toxic gases, VOCs, formaldehyde and odour
  • Completely ‘Ozone Free’ Air Purifier. Does not emit any harmful gases as a byproduct of the filtration technology
  • Approximately 3000 hours of filter life, basis the ambient pollution can work for a year if used for 8 hours daily
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